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Master list of Star Trek fic

Decided to put all of my Star Trek fic in one place. :-)

Kirk/Spock Reboot (alphabetically):

All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

The terminal disappeared and the crowd of people disappeared, and it was just the two of them, the way it always seemed to be when Spock was near.

Chemical Compatibility

Carol had warned him once, in her kind-yet-succinct way, that he would one day meet someone who would be able to get under his skin. He wondered what she would say if he called her now and told her of his predicament… She would probably find the entire thing vastly amusing.

Cumulative Evidence

"So maybe he wasn’t prone to self-denial naturally, but he was sure as hell certain he could learn it with time"... or Jim Kirk's guide to discovering you're attracted to men, or rather one half-human, half-vulcan male in particular.

Entire of Himself

Companion piece to "Introvenient", from Jim's POV... You were prepared to hate your accuser on sight, in fact, you were already mentally preparing your diatribe, and the sharpness of your glare, before he stepped up to the podium to confront you... But then your eyes caught his and you froze.

Fall Into Your Gravity

Co-authored with daphnie_1. Toddler Spock and Jim meet at a Starfleet function and spontaneously bond. One would think meeting one's soulmate at so young an age would make courtship fairly easy… Not so much when the two people in question are each vying for the spot of the most stubborn being in the galaxy and neither likes to do anything the easy way. Features culture differences and two boys unwilling to discuss feelings.


"The first time he had met Spock, the younger, he had wanted to punch his lights out."


"It had always been Spock; from the moment they met, it had been Spock." (Pon Farr)


"Christ but the Vulcan needed to relax. It would also be nice if he stopped looking at Jim as if he were a puzzle needing to be solved. Jim felt he was pretty transparent..."

In Silence You Can't Hide Anything

Nothing in his life had ever been so powerful, or so wonderful, nor so dire all at once.


“Naked Time” Reboot style, shaken but not stirred… “It was a sight that Jim knew he wouldn’t ever be able to strike from his memory no matter how many times he beat his head against a wall in an honest effort to try.”


"Thus the pattern continued. Learn people, see what makes them tick, and cajole around their defenses to benefit his person. It wasn’t until one night, while drinking away the fact that he had to live in a universe in which stupidity existed, that he began to reevaluate his hard-earned take on the psychology of man."


"The thing about destiny was that Jim didn't believe in it. He was more of a do-it-yourself kind of guy..." Spock has other ideas about that.

A follow-up ficlet to this story found here.


Companion piece to "Improbability", told from Spock's POV. "He would figure Jim Kirk out eventually, it simply required more observation and the accumulation of data."


"Do not be concerned. All is as it should be. No words are necessary. It pleases me that our coupling was as powerful for you as it was for me. It will always be like this, for us, if you choose." (Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock)


"He is your T’hy’la,” he responds, and you feel your heart beat faster than it ever has..."

Life is Something To Do (When You Can't Get To Sleep)

"He’d heard the name Spock mentioned once or twice (or enough times that Jim had started to wonder why they didn‘t just replace the Zefram Cochrane statue out in front of the Academy grounds with a Spock one). Of course he had. Who hadn’t?" ~Academy AU

Love Like the Melvaran Mud Flea Vaccine

"The first time Jim met Spock he wanted to kill him."

Of Lirpas and Laras (You Say It Best)

Spock has almost nothing of Vulcan. Kirk searches the universe for things to give him.

Most Gods Throw Dice (But Fate Plays Chess)

Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out till too late that (s)he's been playing with two queens all along. ~ Terry Pratchett... or, spirit and rational collide and combine.


Spock Prime is getting up there in age, there are few things left in life he finds particularly entertaining. Yet having a front-row seat to his younger counterpart and an equally young Jim Kirk skirting around each other in the early stages of their relationship could definitely be counted among the few. He only wishes his own T'hy'la were with him, so he, too, could enjoy the show.


Jim is hesitant to allow Spock to meld with him.

Sensible to Feeling as to Sight

“Dagger of the Mind” Reboot style, shaken but not stirred... “Spock, this isn’t what it looks like.”

Reading/Review Challenge Kirk/Spock:

Interpreting Spock

"Bottom line: he knew his Spock, thus he knew, unequivocally, that Spock was sick (and being rather shifty about it)."

Language Barrier

"Not for the first time Jim pondered how inadequate Standard really was."

The Mayor of Hedgerville

"It was all very skeevy on Spock’s part, getting under Jim’s skin like that. It still baffled him. How had his walls been infiltrated?"


"He was in the doghouse. Again. Joy."

Shipwars Kirk/Spock Entries:


Team Spork Entry, Prompt: Fairy Tale... Jim often felt like Cinderella. Well, if Cinderella had a dick and a penchant for sarcastic repartee.


Co-authored with daphnie_1 . Shipwars Team Spork Entry for the prompt: Love ~ "So dear do I love him that with him all deaths I could endure."... "Amok Time" AU, reboot style... "Get your goddamned Vulcan under control or I'm going to sedate him!"

In Retrospect

Ship Wars Team Spork Entry, Prompt: "First Date"... Despite Jim’s determination to remain undeterred, he could admit that the way his First eyed him continually throughout the game, as if waiting for a reaction from Jim that he wasn’t receiving, was a bit off-putting.


Team Spock Entry, Prompt:  "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone"... Jim isn't a big fan of shore-leave, being left alone too long with disturbing thoughts for company, seafood or cavemen, but admires the value of a good spear.


Ship Wars prompt "NC-17 (get naked)"... He hadn’t expected Spock to act on it. There had always been this transparent barrier between them; a barrier that, once crossed, would change them irrevocably.

Kirk/Spock TOS:

The Intuitive Leaper

"Jim wasn’t in the habit of doubting his decisions." An AU following the first five year mission, but prior to the events of ST:TMP

Time Does Not Change Us (It Just Unfolds Us)

"When Spock came striding in, as graceful as he always had been, Jim felt his heart clench."

Kirk/McCoy Reboot (alphabetically):

Extended Family (5 People Winona Met Through Her Children and 1 Who Eased Her Mind)

"There were seldom any accidents in the 23rd century. Medicine in general, and birth control specifically, had evolved far past the days when unscheduled surprises were common. Sam had been born because they wanted him born... Jim had been wanted, too."

Incurable, Unfettered and Unrestrained

"There was no use building up emotional walls around Jim, the man was a bulldozer in friendship the way he was in everything else he did."

The Journey There

“Goddamnit, Jim! I’m not letting you walk away from this, not this time. Grow up. Stop dicking around. Let’s just put it all out on the table, shall we?”

The Promise

"So that was what the Vulcan wanted, a pissing contest. Well, Leonard was more than willing to play." Sequel, of sorts, to "The Journey There".

What You Make It

“Jim was in love with the cranky doctor, and had been since somewhere between the bread bowls and the egg rolls.” A Christmas story.

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