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I do not find that very funny, Mr. Orci...

Warning: It is entirely possible I'm just being grouchy. I'm dieting, I'm also trying to give up drinking soda, and I've had a terrible case of insomnia lately, so trust me when I say I'm well aware that I'm not at my best at present. Plus it's been a lo-ong, oh ever so long, week. :|

Also, to be entirely fair, the 'Kirk as an intergaltic slut' stigma within Trek fandom has always kind of irked me. It's a bit of a festering wound. I'm a Kirk girl, I admit it, so yes, I find it a bit... distressing, that out of all the man's accomplishments that is what fandom most associates him with. A couple of years ago I even made a post about it, which, to summarize, pretty much stated that if you disregard the times, in TOS, that Kirk flirted to get the crew out of a scrape, or feigned interest to discover whether he had a man who had committed genocide on-board his ship, or he was under the influence of mind-altering tears, the list of his genuine, consenting romantic encounters was actually rather short. Very short. In fact, to elaborate further in a way my post did not, the man only had actual sex twice during the course of three seasons of TOS, and both those times where under dubious conditions (i.e. amnesia + forced marriage, and being forced under threat of death). Don't want to take my word for it? Here is a very awesome piece of meta on the topic.

Edit: Remembered the link to another awesome bit of meta on the subject of J.T.K and misconceptions while I was not-sleeping last night. Also, I wrote an essay on the topic of there being more to Kirk than his penis not too long ago, for anyone interested.

So tonight I was cruising, as you do, and clicked on the link featuring a trailer of Chris Pine's new movie "People Like Us", which, incidentally, was written by two of the three Star Trek writers, i.e. Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzmen. Most Trek fans on that site seem pretty receptive to the new film, a couple voiced their concerns that it seems rather... geared towards a limited demographic of people, thus I come across this exchange in the comments:

47. boborci - March 29, 2012

would it change your mind to discover Pine is actually Kirk in this movie undercover in the past?

59. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 29, 2012

Oh Bob – Hi there – Captain Kirk time traveling back and going undercover as Sam – OK, works for me, but why?

72. boborci - March 29, 2012

Cuz he’s already slept with everyone in the 23rd century.

I know he meant it to be glib, I get that, but am I being totally irrational to be a bit... concerned that this is a man who is a writer of the recent movies, not fanfic, MOVIES, making cracks using fandom invented generalizations? I can't help but find myself hoping that the Kirk parts of the upcoming film were written by one of the other two. :(

WTF Bob Orci?! You're on my dookie list, young man! I mean it!.

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